Land Preservation

Licking Soil & Water assists Licking County landowners in preserving and protecting their land from development.  Click here for a general presentation on land preservation. For more information on land preservation, Contact Licking Soil & Water, or email

Licking Soil & Water is a Certified Local Sponsor for the Ohio Department of Agriculture's 2017 Local Agricultural Easement Purchase Program (LAEPP).  The Licking Soil & Water 2017 landowner Intent-to-Apply Form (coming in late December) deadline is: to be determined in early 2017.

The District also created a Preserved Land and Open Space Map for Licking County. 

The Licking County Planning Commission adopted an Agricultural Implementation Strategy on January 28, 2013.

Food Production & Agriculture is Ohio's number one industry, employing one in seven Ohioans. Click here to learn more about food production and agriculture in Ohio. 

Individuals can support local producers by purchasing locally grown food and related products. Click here for a Locally Grown Products Resource List.

Video: Forever Farmland, July 2013 (Our Ohio on You Tube)
Video: RA Jones, Licking County Easement Donation, July 2009 (Licking SWCD on You Tube)

Land Preservation Resources:

Clean Ohio Local Agricultural Easement Purchase Program (LAEPP) (Ohio Department of Agriculture)
Agricultural Easement Donation Program (AEDP) (Ohio Department of Agriculture)
Clean Ohio Green Space Conservation Program (Clean Ohio, Ohio Public Works Commission)
Licking Land Trust
Coalition of Ohio Land Trusts (COLT)
Land Trust Alliance
American Farmland Trust
Agriculture for Tomorrow Committee of Licking County

Estate Planning Resources (OSU Extension)
Planning the Future of Your Farm (Office of Farmland Preservation, Washington State Conservation Commission)

Agricultural Security Areas (ASA) (Ohio Department of Agriculture)

Agricultural District (Licking County Auditor's Page)

CAUV Information (Ohio Department of Taxation)
CAUV Assessment in Licking County (Licking County Auditor's Page)
Guide to CAUV
(Ohio Farm Bureau)

Ohio Scenic Rivers Program