Strategic Plan

During the summer of 2008, the Board of Supervisors reviewed and updated the District strategic plan. The last plan, created in 1998, emphasized conservation practices, education and technical assistance. During the last 10 years, the District fully developed these programs and provided a wide range of services to natural resources users in Licking County. In revising the plan, the Board considered current environmental and economic issues and possible impacts on the county and the District.

While changes may affect specific projects and workload, the District's core services will most likely be needed into the foreseeable future. The Board also believes the District must change from a passive to a proactive position regarding natural resources conservation, including farmland preservation and water quality improvement. For the next ten years, the District will strive to improve natural resources management toward sustainability. Without sacrificing core services, the district plans to:
- expand education and information services;
- promote land preservation policies;
- encourage policies for sustainable natural resources management;
- encourage use of alternate energy sources; and
- utilize GIS to assist with land use decisions.

The county's soil, water and resources must be used wisely. Our children and grandchildren depend on today's generation to be good stewards so future generations can have these resources to use and enjoy. The Board and staff are committed to assisting natural resources users, and invite all Licking County residents to participate in the District's conservation and sustainability efforts.