Licking Soil & Water offers a variety of items for sale.  Some items may be purchased online here, but must be picked up at our office (unless otherwise noted) at 771 East Main Street, Suite 100, Newark, Ohio 43055.  Click here for a MAP and Directions.  

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LCSWCD Office-only Items for Sale:

The following items are available for purchase at the District Office:

Geo-textile fabric:
Geo-textile fabric is a water-permeable material used to improve soil stability and drainage and reduce erosion.  It is especially useful in high-traffic areas such as gravel driveways, access roads and livestock feeding areas. We sell the 12.5-feet wide fabric for $1.65 per foot running foot (1 x 12.5 feet).  Call 740-670-5330, for availability and to purchase.



Mulch Netting:
Mulch Netting helps secure mulch applications and is held in place with staples (one staple per square yard).  We sell the netting 7.5 feet for $0.11 per running foot (1 x 7.5 feet) and staples for $.04 each.  Call 740-670-5330, for availability and to purchase.



Historical Aerials:
Click here for more information.


Licking County Century Farms Book (SOLD OUT):
The Century Farm Book features farms in Licking County 100 years old and older. Published in 2008 by Licking SWCD. 

Customers may purchase the Licking County Century farm Book directly from (click here for link)