Soil Resources

Licking SWCD Soils Poster 7-11Web Soil Survey (NRCS) Click here to link to the NRCS Web Soil Survey where landowners can learn about the soil types and characteristics on their land.

Soil Health (NRCS Website)

Nutrient Stewardship (4R)

Soil Improvement Practices

Soil Scientists (Pedologists)

Soil Testing: Soil testing is usually performed to determine nutrient content, composition and other characteristics of your soils. Tests may also measure fertility and indicate deficiencies that may need to be remedied.  OSU Extension Licking County accepts soil samples for testing.  Call 740-670-5315 for sample-gathering procedures.  Click here for additional soil testing services.

Soil in Licking County (1992 Soil Survey)

ODA Division of Soil and Water Conservation