Pond Management

There are hundreds of small ponds that dot the landscape of Licking County. These ponds are used for dozens of purposes including sediment retention, water supply, livestock watering, aesthetics, aquaculture, and of course recreational fishing. The links below can provide information to help you keep your pond functioning properly or help  you get started building your own pond.

Ohio Pond Management Handbook - Guide to managing ponds for fish & attracting wildlife (PDF)

US EPA Pond/Wetland Management Guidebook

Web Soil Survey (NRCS)  - Landowners can learn about the soil types and characteristics on their land.

Pond Specifications – USDA NRCS Ohio Pond - CODE #378

USDA NRCS - Ponds-Planning, Design, Construction

Fishpond Management – USDA NRCS

Nuisance Canada Geese – Bulletin W-3-2010 The Ohio State University – Extension Bulletin

Ohio Department Agriculture - Division of Soil and Water Conservation 

Soil Scientists (Pedologists) in Ohio

Water Testing - Labs, Ohio EPA